Pura Vida or Pure Life  stands for Organic, renewable, naturally chemical free from the Andes!
We carry American Fibers & Wool...
Sourced locally, Organically & Ethically
“The study of methods of improving 

Pura Vida Alpacas is a woman-owned alpaca farm flourishing in the hills outside Eugene, Oregon. We sell animals, fiber and fiber creations. Each year, our beloved mama alpacas give birth to beautiful cria. 

Alpaca fiber is a renewable resource. Alpacas are never harmed in the harvest of their incredible fiber. Alpaca fiber is considered one of the finest in the world. The fiber market has expanded into carpets, comforters, insulation and upholstery. Fine yarns & fabrics too!

WELCOME to PuraVida Alpacas in Eugene Oregon

 85343 N Hideaway Hills  Rd
 Eugene, OR 97405
 541-344-4947 Home
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